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    Requirements for joining BentoBox


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    Requirements for joining BentoBox Empty Requirements for joining BentoBox

    Post by Jamchi on Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:51 am

    Heard of BentoBox?
    Always wanted to join? Perhaps you've even been with us before - back in our glory days when this forum was first used~!

    Well guess what?!
    BentoBox is back, and with a new set of leaders, we're going to make it shine like the old days! ( close to that as possible.)

    Impossible you say?!
    Yes yes, the old days are in the past, and with all the new things and richness around, it all seems rather impossible doesn't it.
    But don't you worry! We'll be starting off small, doing one thing at a time!
    And this is where we need your help!

    We are building a community from scratch.
    One that will hopefully rival the past.
    We are all generally fun and friendly, talkative but can be extremely random but with interesting inputs, a tad silly and most of the time may end up with some light pervy humour...*laughs*

    Sounds like this could be your bunch?
    What?! It's just like you!?
    Then what you waiting for! Do apply~!!!

    Together we'll work hard to get Bento back to business!
    Of course, with comfortable fun on top of everything.

    So if you're interested and are level 45+, feel free to leave us an application in game for an interview, or here by starting a new topic telling us a little bit about yourself.
    You can also whisper us - Ilexsis, Jamchi.
    Don't hesitate to do so even if you're not 45+ yet! We're all very nice and I'm sure we could work something out if you prove to be a special case~!

    We hope to hear from you~
    Have it awesome now eh~ *patpat*

    PS: If you haven't noticed already, we're an English speaking guild only.

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